Ginger Idol

So they finally booted off that ginger git last night – just when I was starting to root for him out of spite. If this is what the “American Idol” producers want to throw at the audience, fine. They should just vote for the blandest one there and make him the winner and watch the producers just try to make a star out of him. I think he’s a nice kid and all but it’s obvious he knew he didn’t belong there.

Oh, and last night’s pornmercial featured the kids driving around in a Ford or something while singing “Whip It” by Devo. Isn’t that song about S&M? Are half these kids even of legal age to be singing that song?

Anyway, John’s gone, much to his own relief, I suspect. In fact I think a few of these people think they got in there on some kind of fluke as it was evident that they think they are in over their heads. Remember Jon Peter Lewis? That guy sang like a frat boy on kareoke night and he knew it.

Man this show is bloody awful. Of course I’m going to keep watching.


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