…and is Sgt. Rock in Basra?

Metafilter has a post on how two comic strips, one long-established and one relatively new, are both tackling the war in Iraq this week with similar approaches. Doonesbury, which I rarely read anymore, has a major character losing a leg in battle while Get Fuzzy, a new favourite since last year, sees its main character’s cousin also lose a leg in Iraq.

The reaction to both strips has been very strong which is kind of sad, considering things like images of the flag-draped soldiers’ coffins returning home barely register (the link was also from MeFi). Mind you, the Get Fuzzy strip seems to be directly addressing the way the US government is downplaying the casualities so those suppressed photos tie into the comics page in that regard.

So yes, two fictional characters were pretend-injured this week while here the real world a car bomb killed 68 actual people. Which story will have people more worked up?


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