I’m a Saint Johnner, too!

Jacqui mentioned this site to me a few weeks ago and stuck in saint john also linked to it. Saint John, NB will be voting in a municipal election next month. Every Saint John mayoral race has two or three front runners plus a number of colourful “also-rans.” This year Charles E. Frees-Melvin is the clear winner in that respect.

Frees-Melvin (yeah, I know. “Frees Melvin from whom?”) is a 22 year old born and bred Johnner who at the very least has about four decades on any other mayoral candidate in that town. His website lists his stellar academic accomplishments including winning first place in his Junior High class for a speech about Gene Roddenberry and his later graduation from Saint John High School with an Honours average of 84.3. (My own graduation from the same institution saw a less than honourable average of 54.2 or something). He also writes fiction, he’s pro-bilingualism, has a blog (of course), and his minesweeper scores show just why he is qualified to be mayor of Saint John.

Hipsters! Don’t forget to buy your official Charles E. Frees-Melvin Trucker Hat. And ladies, there’s still time to pick up that Charles E. Frees-Melvin Thong.

If only Montreal politics were this good.


One thought on “I’m a Saint Johnner, too!

  1. Missing Irving’s stink at the Reversing Falls ? ( Nasty, I know ) I moved to Montreal in ’68 – and moved back. But: I’ve been a westerner since 70. My kids are antsy to see N B before the family dies off – not easy with their own kids to manage

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