It appears British PM Tony Blair has has changed his mind on the idea of a European Constitution and plans to hold a referendum on the subject. This is a surprising reversal for the leader of a nation that is ambiguous about membership in the EU, to say the least. In fact, when I was in Britain, I did some polling on the subject and among three Scotland residents asked, the European Union is regarded “highly unfavourably” among an entire 100% of respondants. When asked for reasons for their views, they cited “bureaucrats in Brussels just making laws to give themselves something to do.”

I don’t know if Great Britain will ever fully hitch its cart to the EU but I think they do need to choose between joining up with some bigger and more powerful force to serve as a counter-measure to the economic and political power of both the USA and China with all the rewards and penalities that that choice may incur, or stay a relatively small, isolated nation.

I really don’t know what the answer is. I just like political commentator and executive transvestite Eddie Izzard’s take on the subject:

“Britain needs to be the driving seat of Europe. In the driving seat. Or in the passenger seat, that’s pretty good, you know, cause you can take a sleep for a little bit… ‘Uhhh… Are we there yet?’ You know. At the moment, Britain’s not even in the European car. We’re outside the car, at the traffic lights, going, ‘We’re going to clean your windows, all right.'”


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