pay tribute

Letters. I get letters. I get stacks and stacks of letters. A lot people write me every day with the same request: “John, we love your web site and we think the CBC should bring you on board and use your insights on pop culture in as many programs as they can so that their weekend radio shows will, with your help, become as popular as Hockey Night in Canada (in fact, we could seriously see you replacing Ron McLean on “Coach’s Corner,” which may be a bit much for a busy man such as yourself but we see it as a truly exciting and viable option for the Mother Corp.). Is there any means through giftgiving or offering cash or stock options that we could possibly show you how much we love you and just how much your writing means to us?”

Why, yes. Yes there is:

Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series

SCTV Vol. 1

Kids in the Hall: The Complete First Season 1989-1990


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