another weekend in Walter Pigeon’s home town.

The weather improved after all and I had a fairly relaxing weekend back in the old hometown. Jacqui and I walked around the new Harbour Passage for a bit and although I brought my camera on the trip, I forgot to take it out with me, despite the many photo-worthy opportunities.

I was also relayed this bit of news: local Johnners, upset over the Canada-Denmark dispute over Hans Island went to the Saint John Danish Consulate (there is one) and burned Danishes in protest. Mind you Danishes are not actually from Denmark and if you really wanted to hurt the Danes economically you could impose import bans on blue cheese, Lego, and Aqua and I still haven’t found the article in Google News and I have a feeling I’m being put on. Still, as a person of Danish descent, I resent the idea that Canada thinks it can have a monopoly on cold, uninhabited rock islands on which nobody would ever want to live.


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