Nature should be paved.

Once while living in Saint John, I opened the cupboards under my kitchen sink to see a small pile of wood shavings. The little brown balls scattered throughout my cupboards confirmed that it was mice and they were building a nest. I’m not crazy about the idea of some other living thing coming in to my rented space and making a home where would normally keep my pots and pans. And besides, I have a fear of rodents (save beavers for some reason) that turns me into a 1950’s TV housewife, standing atop a chair randoming hitting the floor with my broom.

Still, it’s a fact of life that sometimes other things will come into your place and attempt to set up a home. Sometimes it’s a stray cat or dog. Sometimes, it’s rodents, insects, spiders, or bats.

Then sometimes, just sometimes, it’s something so huge and alien looking, it’s like something out of those cheap 1970’s insect invasion movies.


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