“Never Cry Shitwolf”

“Remember Pearl Harbour!”
-Paulie Walnuts on doing business with Koreans.
“The Sopranos – 5.6”

TV Land has been a place of beginnings and endings for me this week (quick note – we have no cable so most of my television viewing is done through the magic of the worldwideinternetweb).
Sunday marked the beginning of Season Four of Trailer Park Boys. Ricky, now Trailer Park Supervisor, and Bubbles, now Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor have to contend with the sudden return of Julian, Mr. Lahey, and Randy from jail. Much hilarity ensues, drugs are referenced, J-Roc gives a shout-out to “the 902,” and Bubbles sings. It could be an interesting season with Ricky in charge and Julian reduced to living in a car.

Sunday also marked the season finale of *ahem* The L Word, a U.S. based cable drama about the lives and loves of some incredibly hot lesbians in Los Angeles. Well, L.A. by way of Vancouver. It’s kind of a dead giveaway when actors from Da Vinci’s Inquest start showing up in walk on roles. Anyway, the show is like Queer as Folk, but for guys. Or so I thought. Lured by the promise of girls kissing, I suddenly found myself distracted by things like “storylines” and “acting” and “plot,” even if most of the time they rarely made sense. Why is everyone all over waifish basket case Jenny’s boney ass, anyway? But Jennifer Beals and Pam Grier are in it and they don’t suck.

Meanwhile, Tony Blundetto’s efforts to go straight and become a massage therapist have hit a wall on The Sopranos. Like he was ever going to stay out of the family business. He’s played by Steve freakin’ Buscemi. How could he not get a piece of the action? He may be the best guest character ever added to the series. And Carmella’s finally getting a little on the side. Go Carm! Oh and I learned the origin of the name of my street when the letters of Abelard and Heloise are referenced.

Ah, TV. You watch people get stoned and say “fuck.” You watch girls kiss and say “fuck.” You watch a guy kill another guy and say “fuck.” And you learn a little something, too. And say “fuck.”


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