Well, the movers only broke one thing so I guess I’d consider it a success. They were faster than I expected as the entire apartment was loaded onto the truck in one hour.

We’ve had a few bumps along the way. Our new phone number was misdirected incorrectly and some poor guy in Verdun got our calls. That was sorted out by Sunday. And my parking space which was assigned to me on the lease was in fact, someone else’s. Yesterday morning I awoke to find a $100.00 parking ticket due to a complaint from, I assume, the spot’s original holder. So I still have to sort that out with the rental office (and make sure they take care of the ticket as they caused the problem in the first place).

But while the move still feels weird in that the apartment doesn’t yet feel like “our” place, Nun’s Island is a nice spot. It seems really pet and family friendly and there are dogs and bikes everywhere. Once this patch of crap weather we’re having clears up and Spring begins again, it’s gonna be a great place to hang out. Bike paths, bird sanctuary, tennis, pools, waterfront – it all seems to so outdoorsy. It’s just odd for me to live in a neighbourhood in Montreal that’s new, given this city’s history. Ste-Anne’s itself is 300 years old. Ile des Soeurs (or IDS, as the hipsters call it) in its current incarnation was built in the 60’s and 70’s and was at once time made up entirely of rental units. Now you can buy there – if you’re rich – and there’s shopping being built up all the time which is making the island its own little town. But I still feel like I’m in someone else’s place.

In any case, I’ll keep you all informed of any José Theodore sightings (yeah I know – look for the Hell’s Angels bikes…).


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