Sympathy for the Dullard

I never thought I’d feel bad for Mike Bullard, whose late-night talk show was cancelled by Global last week. When he left CTV, his former network responded by filling his old slot with the popular and funnier Daily Show with Jon Stewart which of course, killed him in the ratings. But such is TV, if nobody watches your show, you get pulled (unless you’re the CBC).

I didn’t watch the show very much at all but it was the way in which he was fired which elicits my sympathy: an email. A brief, discourteous, cold email. Right up there with breaking up via MSN Messenger. Way to take care of your employees, guys.

Global itself has been getting weird lately. They, of course, get a huge chunk of their revenue selling ad space on all the American shows they run and a grateful nation gets to watch Will and Grace. Fine. But it’s their news programmes that are just goofy. Global National with Kevin “I got weights for Christmas” Newman with its cartoony graphics (“Look! It’s Paul Martin on a pirate ship!”) and right-wing tone (“Why isn’t Canada doing its part in the War on Terror?”) is quickly turning that network into the Fox News of Canada.

Hmm, anyone up for The Bullard Factor?


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