man in suit!

After fifty years of being not evil but merely a misunderstood creation of man’s folly, Godzilla is about step on his last model village. Toho, the company who created the monster fifty years ago and has steadily produced one film after another, has decided that dwindling box office sales and the lack of a younger audience have forced the old guy to retire for at least ten years.

I admire, though, how they’ve stuck to their principles and have kept Godzilla as a man in a rubber suit which helped the film maintain its charm. That’s a far cry from 1998’s USA suck-fest: Matthew Broderick vs. The Giant CG Iquana (I refuse to call it Godzilla). In the news article, Risaku Kiridoshi puts it best:

“Without a person acting as Godzilla, it would just be animation. That’s no different from Hollywood’s Jurassic Park.”


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