The Black List sings to my heart

From this week’s Black List:

CALLING DJs “TALENTED”: First, be a relative of a famous person. Then get a really big music collection. Next, think up a cool handle like “Mr. Turntable.” Then, dress hot or weird. And finally, don a pair of expensive headphones. Yep, goddamn, they’re talented! They don’t write music. They don’t play music. But they put out “albums”. And, they can, after who knows how much at-home practice, nearly seamlessly integrate the end of a 70s R&B song with the beginning on a 90s R&B song. WOW!! Let’s interview them, and get their take on which way music is heading. Let’s grill them on what they’re listening to these days. Let’s ask them: Trance or Jungle? Let’s go to their shows and watch them move their heads up and down and side to side in time to the music (while holding their headphones!!). Let’s ask them to actually get behind an actual drum kit and actually keep an actual fucking beat, instead of turning on some fucking drum machine…”


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