the half-right psychic

The Oscars were handed out last night and man, what a dull show, even by my standards. But it was nice to see Les Invasions Barbares get the foreign language award although the announcer screwed up when she said this was the third nomination for Canada which kind of sounded like an insult (Canada in fact has Oscars out the ying-yang. Nobody can touch our animated short films.) She meant it was the third for Denys Arcand.

My predictions unfortunately were only 50% correct and both correct answers involved LOTR:TROTK. My actress prediction tanked when I thought the voters would mistake Naomi Watts for Charlize Theron and split the vote. Bill Murray was robbed because really, Sean Penn can get one of these things anytime but I think this may have been Bill Murray’s best chance. He might get one as an apology for A Life Aquatic next year. And man, did he look bummed when he didn’t win. No Cinderella story here, I guess.

Don’t worry Bill. We still love you.

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