Cabin Fever

“Paul, he asked for our help. We lit him on fire.”

It’s a cinematic story as old as boy meets girl: attractive college students decide to spend a weekend in the woods and everyone dies. That pretty much sums up Cabin Fever. It’s an homage to 1980’s style slasher flicks like Evil Dead. In fact through the first 30 minutes of the movie, I kept waiting for the kids to discover the flesh-bound Book of the Dead.

Instead, the killer here isn’t a demon, a zombie, or even a serial killer. It’s a flesh-eating virus. And you know what that means: projectile blood-vomiting and lots of it. By the time the movie winds down, a guy will be burned alive, someone’s head will be shot off, a deer will get hit by a car, and some hippie will get a harmonica stuck in his throat. Did I mention that it’s also really funny?

It’s a nasty, disgusting, stupid, and campy movie. Recommended but it’s not for the squeamish.

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