Settle this thing like puppets!

I cringed when I saw the Triumph the Insult Dog segment on Late Night with Conan O’Brien because I knew it would be trouble. I think it really was akin to some comedian going into the U.S. and doing a comedy segment making fun of Hispanics. It would be unacceptable. And it should be noted that most of the reaction to the bit in English-Canada had been negative. But perhaps in the eyes of show’s writers and the small but loud part of the audience who thought it a laugh riot, it was okay because the target spoke French.

That said, this was after all, a puppet who has caused our national hand-wringing. So how does ine get revenge for the insult thrown at my adopted province? The old-fashioned way: puppeto a puppeto. Last night the host of TVA’s Merci Bonsoir went to New York to introduce his own puppet character: Jean-Guy: La Grenouille Sympathique. Jean-Guy went about New York trying to find Triumph but also made friends along the way (he’s the opposite of Triumph, natch). When he reached NBC, despite dressing up as a leatherman, then as Celine Dion, he was not permitted entry (“Ils sont anti-Quebecois, anti-gaie, meme anti-Celine Dion!”). In the end, he settled for pissing in a Conan O’Brien mug. My little recap doesn’t really do it justice but it was a pretty funny bit.

There. Can we consider the matter settled now?


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