League of Extraordinary Gobshites

K and I rented The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen last night and it wasn’t too bad. The changes from the original comic book didn’t bother me too much (although I thought that a straight translation of the first series would have been fine). Sean Connery was still doing his macho thing and really, he should stop. When the majority of your fight scenes have to done by a stunt double in a grey wig, it’s time to reign it in a little. Clint Eastwood doesn’t do Dirty Harry anymore, Connery can give up being 007. The flick itself was a pretty standard summer adventure movie but it was a bit of a mess in the pacing and the special effects. The whole affair felt a bit rushed.

What saved the movie was the DVD commentary. You got the standard producer commentary with the usual anecdotes about how a scene was shot. They often point out many effects shots were unfinished until just days before the films opening. It shows. Then there’s the “Sean was wonderful in this scene…” comments but you also have two of the films stars chiming in as well. Tony Curran, a Scottish actor who plays a Cockney version of The Invisible Man and Jason Flemyng (Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde) sound like they’ve downed a few pints over the course of their contribution (you hear glasses clinking) and end up making the movie much more funny. They end up pointing out where an actor was cracking up in a scene, making fun of their co-stars, and doing Connery impersonations. They weren’t in it enough. I could have listened to them through the whole thing.

Funny that last night’s other DVD choice didn’t have a commentary track…


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