First Church of Me

Earlier this week Gothamist posted an item about Mel Gibson and his belief that his Episcopalian wife is going to Hell because she does not worship as he does. Gibson, it should be noted, is member of an ultra-conservative branch of the Roman Catholic Church that rejects the findings of Vatican II which tried somewhat to modernize the Church.

Ever hear of a celebrity who is simply a Catholic, Jew, or Muslim? Neither have I. In Gibson’s case, it’s not enough to be a Catholic, he has to belong to a radical sect. Or Judaism isn’t enough for famous people, they have to practice an obscure thing called Kabbalah because their friend Madonna told them it would be a good idea. Islam isn’t enough, they have to join The Nation of Islam, which itself has little to do with Islam. Or you can go to India, like the Beatles and get yourself a guru, or practice EST, or crystals, or just go totally bat-shit crazy like Anne Heche.

And if those still aren’t enough to fulfill their souls, there’s always the completely fabricated Church of Scientology, which, for an ever increasing financial contribution, can make you famous.

I guess it just furthers a theory I have that one some fundamental level, famous people are different from you and me. It’s not just that they’re more talented or more driven to succeed (they are). But somewhere in their minds, they really believe that they are the Special Ones. They are Artists and as such, are more connected to the divine spark than we could hope to be. Going to regular place of worship (or for that matter, not bothering with religion at all) would be creatively stifling to them. They need better, more spiritually advanced outlets for their craft, particularly if their other celebrity friends want them to join. It is this creative spark, this connection with the infinite (that you or I would never understand) that allows them to do Artistic Things like wield a lightsabre or drive a fast car or teach their stuffy prep-school students to seize the day and live, and laugh, and love again. I guess for that, we should be thankful. Or something.


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