Body Break

Optimus Crime had a link to the BMI Calculator. For a man of my height (5’6″ and a half), for me to have a healthy Body Mass Index of 24.9 or less, I should weight in the vicinity of 150 lbs.

My current BMI is 33.9 which puts me solidly in the “Fat Fuck” column.I need to lose 20 or 30 el beez just to be considered “overweight.” While I do acknowledge that I’ve got to shed some weight, I do consider the BMI Index to be a little too strict in what they think you should weigh. Height alone, shouldn’t dictate a healthy weight range. One must also consider mitigating factors like body shape, genetics, and the inclusion of J-Lo butt. If your ass is genetically predisposed to bootyness, I don’t think the BMI Index should penalize you for that. Also, if my weight indicates that I have “character” and “joie de vivre,” that must be taken into consideration as well.

(you know, if I ever go to TypePad and start categorizing my posts, this one will fall into “John Frets About His Weight Again,” right under “Celebrities Are Weird” and “John Swears A Lot.”)


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