At the office on a Saturday…

I got an email yesterday asking if I would be interested in blogging the death of Captain Kangaroo as I tend to focus on the passing of various celebrities. I chose not to simply because I never really knew who he was until I was an adult due to the lack of cable TV I had growing up and therefore didn’t have the same resonance with me as, for example, Leroy from ‘Fame’. So this lead to a discussion that K and I had about children’s television shows both loved and forgotten. K, of course, had her favourites from her childhood in the U.K. I mentioned the usual suspects, most of whom were Canadian: Mr. Dressup, Friendly Giant etc.

I also mentioned a show that aired, I believe, on ATV called “The Treehouse.” It involved a genial host who played songs on a 12-string guitar, some kids, some puppets, and a treehouse set. I believe the opening credits showed the host leading the children into his giant treehouse, which, in retrospect, is kind of creepy. K. doesn’t remember and suggests I may have dreamed the whole thing, which is possible given that I was also, briefly, a loyal viewer of Circle Square during my evangelical phase and therefore my sanity may be in question.

So, anyone else remember “Treehouse”? Or am I crazy?


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