Touch my tower

Gothamist is reporting the final design for New York’s “Freedom Tower” has been unveiled. And the response is, well, if people actually came to performances with rotten tomatoes in their pockets, said tomatoes would be hurled. I know SFA about arky-teckshur but yeah, it sucks. Aside from being both a replacement for and a memorial to the original World Trade Centre, it also aspires to be the world’s tallest building for no apparent reason other than I suppose that New Yorkers were sick of watch Kuala Lampur’s citizens strutting about, thinking they’re so big. So they built it “yea” high, then stuck a bunch of stuff on top to make it the tallest.

As one commenter put it, “ugh. makes nyc look like toronto.” I say, that’s a bit harsh, old chap.

I like to think though, that the tower, if the light hits it just so, appears to be giving the world the finger. Maybe it’s a message from the designer.


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