Set phasers on “suck.”

I’m a lifelong Star Trek fan. I mean, obviously, if the blog’s name is an hommage to Captain Kirk, fer chrissakes. I’ve stuck with the franchise through thick and thin. I was there when Spock died (that was cool), when Picard became a Borg (really cool), when Shatner directed Star Trek V (not so cool). The series has certainly had its high points as well as its lows.

One such low point would be Star Trek: Enterprise. On paper, the series has potential: the first starship ‘Enterprise,’ the first crew, the first missions, the founding of the Federation. It would have been a society as close to our own as has been shown on Trek. But then, it all went wrong. From the Rod Stewart-esque soft rock theme song to boring plots and lazy writing and characters nobody gives a shit about Enterprise has boldly blown where no Trek has blown before. So it’s unfortunately not too suprising to learn that Paramount is mulling over the idea of pulling the plug on the show next year.

The news is that the current season is having its number of episodes cut by two then, at the end of next season, the auto-destruct sequence will be engaged. I think that’s for the best. Aside from the fact that I’m not 16 anymore and the things that were cool then aren’t so cool now, I just don’t find the show all that enthralling.

I really have yet to see a weekly sci-fi series that is as mature, smart, well-written, and rewarding as something like Six Feet Under where characters have hidden backstories and motivations that play themselves out over the length of the season. I think the closest I’ve seen this happen was in X-Files but the show got drug out for far too many seasons and everyone lost interest. Firefly had potential but the morons at Fox yanked it too early. I tried to watch Farscape but couldn’t see past the muppets.

Jacqui and I had several lengthy discussions of how to make the greatest Trek ever (“A devastating war opens up promotions for people who are less than qualified. An alcoholic captain and the first officer who covers for him”. Plots that take several episodes to work themselves out.”). We’re not screenwriters and by no means do I mean to degenerate denigrate the work that they do. I realise it’s much more difficult than it looks but why is it that the average Trek fan, who knows what works and what doesn’t, could write a better show than the guys being paid beaucoups bucks to write crap?


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