digital question

I’d like to ask the opinions of those of you who are more familiar with digital cameras than I’ll ever be. My siblings and I are looking to purchase a digital camera for our parents for Christmas and have narrowed it down to two choices, both manufactured by HP. Right now, it’s between the HP 720 and the HP 735. Now keep in mind ease of use is a primary concern as our parental units have only recently acquired a computer and as such, have only recently mastered sending email. So have a look at the links and see if you can tell me if there’s any real difference between the two. Oh and we’re on a bit of a budget so while your enthusiasm for, say, this is appreciated, thank you but no.

Personally I don’t think there isl be much difference between the two, at least in terms that my parents would appreciate. But as I say, I don’t have much experience in these matters so I would greatly value your input. So put simply, if you were the type of people who used their computer to send emails, read John Doyle, or watch Rex Murphy’s commentaries or watch Satellite Hotstove, what camera would you prefer?


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