Memo to the NHL: Lighten Up

Organizers of the recent Heritage Classic Hockey Game are pissed off with Shaun Majumder for sneaking into a team photograph of hockey legends like Wayne Gretzky and Guy Lafleur.

I once snuck into a high school yearbook photo of a club to which I did not belong. I wish I hadn’t done it. It was a dumb prank and I felt like being a dink that day. And I don’t want even talk about my yearbook quote (The Grateful Dead? God, what was I thinking?).

Anyway my stupid mug is forever part of the Debating Club (or whatever it was) shot because back in 1989, they didn’t have Photoshop. Now they do and if if nobody noticed Majumder sneak into the photo or if they didn’t take any photos without him there, then just take him out.

On a side note, I like what Majumder has been bringing to the new season of 22 Minutes, even if while a full-fledged cast member, he’s stuck up in the corner of the web page, while Mary Walsh, Greg Thomey and Cathy Walsh get all the space. Some of their bits have been getting stale after ten years. I swear Jones’ Babe Bennett character does the same monlogue week after week and really, most of the recurring characters are like that. And when your sketches stray into Royal Canadian Air Farce territory, it’s time for some new blood.


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