“I’m losing it. Dah-dah-dit-dah-dah…”

It’s strange watching McDonald’s freak out. I haven’t seen a public meltdown like this since Anne Heche. D/blog likens it to a midlife crisis. Meanwhile, Gothamist is reporting on “happy meals for adults which will include healthy snacks and a pedometer.

Ronald, stick to what you do best: stuffing my hungover face with sweet, sweet grease and not any asking too many questions. Yes, asking for the supersize McPoutine Trio on a Sunday morning does seem like an oddly oversized meal, yet you don’t question it. You just serve me, sometimes with a smile, especially if you’ve been smoking a joint out back with your skater girlfriend. I go to McDonald’s because I have a little problem with the junk food. I don’t need a pedometer telling me that I’m out of shape. I already know and I’m working on it. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. Go with what works. Your veggie burgers taste like crap anyway.

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