Man, did I ever speak too soon.

Days after declaring the linguistic political situation to be on the back burner, the Baie d’Urfe Town Hall gets vandalised with FLQ graffiti. I didn’t blog it yesterday as I had dismissed it as the handiwork of Damn Teenagers (K saw it on her way to work). I used to graffiti my old junior high with such anti-social and threatening phrases as “Free South Africa” and “Bauhaus.” (Could have been worse, I could have been the guy who spray painted “Billy Idol” and “Bronski Beat”) I seem to have this knack for making a declaration about a political situation then having the exact opposite prove me wrong.

Turns out the actual culprits had small explosives and bullets n’ stuff at home.

Totally off-topic but am I the only guy who remembers ‘Graffiti’ magazine?


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