Why “Rubber Ring” Is the Best Song Ever

I used to hate The Smith’s. To be more specific, I hated their fans. Snotty little suburban preppies walking on the alternative side and looking their noses down on anyone who wasn’t in on “their” joke. And really, I didn’t dig all the mopiness. Took all the fun out of the music. I tried to counter with accusations that Morrisey was a racist (I heard something like that once but really I have no idea). They didn’t seem to mind – this was high school where flirtations with naziism (alongside socialism, maoism, and smokinghashinthestairwellism) wasn’t completely out of the question.

Today I think they’re a great band and regret not taking them more seriously enough in high school (I listened to ‘Meat is Murder’ a lot but that was it). I think these days a lot of rock music writers are rediscovering them as well. Taken as just plain rock music, they made some damn fine album. And now Jake Brown at Glorious Noise says “Rubber Ring” is the Best Song Ever and presents 32 reasons to back up his claim.


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