intellectual round-table

Conversation held among myself, Newfoundland Girl, Keifer Sutherland’s Cousin, and Acadian Guy in the main cafeteria:

Newfoundlander Girl: I just found out I’m the subject of office gossip.

Keifer Sutherland’s Cousin: Really

Newfoundlander Girl: I was in the bathroom stall and I heard two talking about me. They were saying, ‘There’s this girl who’s pregnant and she’s not even married and her boyfriend is basically moving here from the States because of it.’ [In reality, he moved here months ago, long before she became pregnant.]

Keifer Sutherland’s Cousin: That’s what they said? ‘And she’s not even married…’ Can you believe that?

Me: Yeah, really. Since when is that scandalous?

Acadian Guy: Were the girls English?

Newfoundland Girl: Yeah.

Acadian Guy: Figures…


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