you’re messin’ with my mind, man

Last night, K. and I watched the season premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I haven’t really seen the show since it went on the air last year but I wanted to check in and see how Joey and Spike and the gang were doing. The promos for the show promised Emma, Spike’s daughter from the original series now all growed-up, on a search for her birth father, Shane.

However, in the promos. Shane was not played by whoever it was that played him in the first place. No, last night the part of Shane was to be played by Jonathan “J-Roc” Torrens. At first I thought it was some kind of misdirection and the producers were going to let us think that J-Roc, the Microphone Assassin of Sunnyvale Trailer Park is in fact, Emma’s father. Perhaps after Lucy’s party where Spike and Shane got it on, there was another party that we never saw. I was hoping for a some kind of Trailer Park Boys/Degrassi crossover (the Justice League/Avengers crossover just came out so I was hoping the two shows would somehow occupy the same universe. I get in these crossover moods from time to time. And yet I don’t read fanfic).

But no, Jonathan Torrens simply played an adult, brain-damaged Shane (took a bunch of acid, fell off a bridge, remember?). They even went so far as to show Torrens’ high school yearbook photo to complete the illusion. Remember when they released the special editions of ‘Star Wars’ with all that extra CGI shit thrown in? Now it’s hard to remember what the movies looked like before George Lucas went back and started fucking around with them again. Now I have to keep reminding myself that Jonovision was not on the original series. Damn revisionist history.


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