Stupidity: The Documentary

Check out the trailer here then go check out the movie either at Cinema du Parc this week (if you’re in Montreal) or watch it on The Documentary Channel on Wednesday (if you have that channel) or wait for it to show up on Newsworld. Then come back and discuss.

Narrated by what sounds like a Donald Sutherland impersonator, “Stupidity” claims to be the first documentary to examine to ever examine this subject. It explores the forces behind how the public has increasingly become infantilised over the years and how it’s acceptable (and now, really, expected) to just play dumb in society rather than use your brain.

It’s not educated versus non-educated. It’s thoughtful and considerate versus willfully moronic. It asks how can even seemingly intelligent people do idiotic things. How is that almost every week, some guy, somewhere in the world uses a lighter to check his gas tank or loses his genitals?

Just go watch it.

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