McDougal Lake, New Brunswick

Ever hear of it? Didn’t think so. But that’s where K. and I are heading this weekend. My friend Jeremy is flying in from Edmonton to host a large weekend bash at his camp. As I’ve explained before, the New Brunswick concept of “a camp” is roughly approximate to what Ontarians call “a cottage,” except that for the most part, what Upper Canadians call “a cottage” is what most other people might call a “Very Large House.”

People from all across Canada are coming in, including a local news anchor from London, Ont. Yup. You can keep your celebrity sightings. I’m drinking with a six o’clock news anchor this weekend.

I haven’t seen Jeremy since last Christmas but really, not since last July when he, Halifax’s famous B-Rad, and I drove from Edmonton to Victoria and met up with a couple of friends.

There is to be a boys-only bachelor party tomorrow night, which I’ll not be attending, opting instead for the co-ed festivities on Saturday. In the past, these get togethers have involved nudity at some point. Tonight I’ll be attending church for the first time in years to pray that doesn’t happen.


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