“and on the seventh day, god just, like, crashed.” – david cross

In the 1980’s, as I recall, it was Christian Rock. Bands like Stryper, Petra, and Rez figured that if they could take some horrid gospel lyrics, set to what they’d approximate as the latest musical trend and attempt to dress the part, they’d have teenagers rocking out for Jesus in no time. It never really took off.

Now, Extreme for Jesus is proud to endorse Revolve – the Holy Bible presented in teenage girl fashion magazine format. This is not a parody from the good folks at Landover Baptist. I wish it was. Extreme for Jesus tells us that the number one reason teens don’t dig the Bible is that the book is “too big and freaky looking.” But then, so is the September issue of Vogue.

I suppose they’re hoping for some kind of conversion here – “I used to think the Bible was contradictory and arcane, but now that it’s in fashion magazine format, I’ve found Jesus and he’s HOT! (in totally pious way, of course)”

Coming up next: “Jesus Eye for the Unsaved Guy.”

Now, if they’d do a biblical version of Loaded, I’d probably buy that.


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