back in sj

K is ill. She seems to have caught some kind of bug while we were in Saint John this weekend. At first I assumed it was the result of an Alpine-induced hangover, which can be nasty. But really, neither of us drank that much and K’s still feeling quite ill (and I’m not 100% either but nowhere near as bad as she). So send out some positive karma and vibes and all that shit to her so that she gets better.

Other than that, the visit was cool, albeit brief. Saw the family, introduced Kerry to a large number of my friends, including Jacqui, one of my best friends for many years.

Some highlights:

At Anne the Feel Good Store lady’s party, high winds kept it from being an outdoor affair. To battle the cold, Anne came out sporting white kid gloves and exclaimed: “I AM AN ELEGANT LADY!!! Now pass me my very expensive Number 7 cigarettes.”

Anecdote from Jacqui on the subject of Naked Chef Jamie Oliver’s visit to Toronto. His speech had drawn several hundred horny women. One woman asked him if he has had a chance to sample native Canadian cuisine.

“Yes,” he answered. “I’ve had some caribou. It was quite nice.”

“But have you tried the beaver?”

It’s official. I now miss Saint John.

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