master blaster

Some new improved, version of the Blaster virus or worm or whatever it is has been making the rounds here at the office. My computer was down for a bit (I think my email’s gone iffy as well) but it’s returned now and I can now work, or more to the point, surf the web and blog. Apparently the worm attacks systems running Windows 2000 and above. I’m running Windows 95. Apparently, the people who write these things figure Windows 95 is too obsolete to bother with. I mentioned to my co-workers the possibility of the company using alternatives to Microsoft and they looked at me rather blankly. Not that I have any idea if this thing is specific to Microsoft or anything nor would I have any idea what to do with Linux if it fell in my lap. It’s just that there’s always a problem with Microsoft with the security issues and all. I just mentioned it because I thought it would make me sound smart.

I did, however, install Mozilla as my browser of choice and I have to say I rather enjoy it.


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