the trip, day one

We arrived at Heathrow, exhausted, and facing an 8 hour bus ride. We grabbed a coffee at the bus station’s Little Chef cafe and concluded that the little chef in question is crap. We did see the bus to Slough which made me happy, being my first real life reference to “The Office.” The bus ride was, well, long and we spent an hour at the Birmingham bus station. Despite reports to the contrary, the city really is shit. But the driver and the on board attendant (a guy who brings you pop and chips from the box in the back) were quite funny. They were two old Liverpool men who called each other “darling” and “your majesty.”

Still, the English countryside is quite lovely. Much like New Brunswick, only with fewer trees and more people.

Kerry’s auntie Rowan picked us up in Carlisle and drove us over the border to Langholm, Scotland where we met her grandparents, Ben and Loveday. Her relatives live in a horseshoe shaped house that was converted from an old estate’s horse stables. We ate cheese (I now love Stilton) and collapsed in bed, having had travelled for almost 24 hours straight.


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