There are some real, honest to God, issues to be discussed at today’s protest marches on the World Trade Organization.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough for some as a few people decided to start wrecking stuff as well. Let’s see, you’re against the kinds violence being used by people affiliated with the WTO in the developing world so, to make your point, you’re going to use violence. Anyone shopping at the The Gap whose window you’ve thrown something through will have their “awareness raised” about the store’s sweatshop practices as they’re also picking shards of glass from their skin. They’re just as guilty anyway, right? They probably had it coming, So did the people who committed the crime of owning a luxury car. Although you’ve never met, you know they’re just evil. Wreck the thing. This is not hypocritical at all.

Yup, there are real issues to be discussed this week. Too bad that’s not what will make the lead story tonight on the news.


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