the master list

Show-biz gossip is nasty business. It’s an insidious game of gotcha that attempts to destroy the private lives of celebrities. It reaks of vindictive bitchiness. And deep down, most of us dig it.

The A List has been updated and it’s nothing if not exhaustive. Reading it, seeing the names of celebrities who haven’t crossed your mind in years, it seems to come from some parallel world. In our own world, most famous people are jolly, hard working sorts who just want to entertain us. Sure, there are drugs and infidelities and deviant sexuality, but that’s the exception for this otherwise decent lot. In the bizarro universe of the A List, the compendium of of unsubstantiated rumour and innuendo presents a Hollywood comprised entirely of raging drug addicts, bisexuals, cuckholders, closet cases, racists, and homophobes. In other words, not much different from Budding Alcoholics University.

Seriously, I think the asshole-to-nice person ratio on this list is 10-1. (linked via lindsayism.)


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