bush dodgers

There’s been a lot of talk among US-based bloggers about the idea of moving to Canada if things on the democracy front don’t improve soon. The chatter is actually quite serious, for the most part, and doesn’t come with the usual “Canada sucks” vitriol that one finds on message boards as soon as the word “Canada” is mentioned.

I don’t know if there actually will be a mass exodus, particularly in November 2004, or if the United States decides the WMDs show up in some other country they want to bomb and continue in their War on Terra. And keep in mind, that many more of us move south than Americans move North. I’m completely pro-immigration (kinda have to be, sort of living with one) and I welcome the progressive new citizens of our land. However, I should point out as a word of advice that the neocon mentality has a firm grip here as well, as we are no longer “citizens” but “taxpayers.” Your ability to fill out an income tax return, rather than just living here, is a marker of your right to participate in democracy, apparently. But come on up, just the same.

I’m still worried however that America would lose what few progressives they have left. Otherwise, we’ll have a cool, hip, liberal country to the north and The Republic of Gilead to the south. And believe or not, I actually like America. I enjoy the rock music, movies, literature, and theatre and the software that originate there. It is, in fact, possible to enjoy their culture and hate the actions of the guys running the place.

K and I went to the movies some time ago and saw the trailer for Seabiscuit. Two hipsters behind us sniffed, “Fucking Americans. They make nothing but shitty movies.” The feature presentation started up soon enough: The Hulk. Don’t tell me you were there for Ang Lee, you lying liars.


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