“my mind is filled with radio cures”

As I mentioned, K. and I saw Neko Case and Wilco at Metropolis last night. It was a solid show, not one for the record books, there were no “I was there when..” moments. It was a good crowd too. The whole venue was filled with an army of Rob Gordons and lots of other indie boys and girls.

Neko Case was the opening act, although Sonic Youth are sharing the bill on the rest of the tour (which would have been a high point of my summer, nay, life to hear Kim Gordon sing “Kool Thing”). Neko was great and pretty much what I expected. She does sparse, country balladeering as solo artist when she’s not doing 50’s style pin-up shots. The sound was kept fairly low and it was difficult to hear her over the din of the crowd. She’s a great singer but huge, sprawling Metropolis wasn’t the right venue for her. Her other outfit, The New Pornographers probably would have been a more ideal opener.

Wilco were great. I’ve always compared them to Radiohead except that Wilco tend to lean toward more straight ahead pop songs. I probably would have liked to have heard more stuff off their 1999 album “Summerteeth” but since the last one was “yankee hotel foxtrot” we got that stuff, which tends to darker, moodier, more experimental than the other albums. I think the next album is going to be a lot louder. Toward the end of the show, Jeff Tweedy picked up a flying V guitar and started up a tune that had a riff sounding suspiciously like KISS’s “Rock n’ Roll All Night.”

Oh yeah, and I think that Ethan Hawke was there last night. He was at the bar, fumbling with his Canadian money and ordering a Sex on the Beach for his not-Uma Thurman female companion. Who the fuck over the age of 19 drinks a Sex on the Beach? And he still has the creative facial hair. Keep writin’ those novels, Ethan.


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